Friday, April 24, 2015

Chiropractic Lingo: Wellness Care

"Wellness care" is a phrase that's used frequently in the chiropractic community today, but many people don't understand exactly what it means. This the first in a series on Chiropractic Lingo to empower you to understand exactly what your chiropractor is talking about and why. 

Wellness care is a simple concept. Think about it in terms of this metaphor:
If you were to injure your knee, you would probably go through a long-term program of rehab exercises in order to restore functionality to your knee. This rehab would be a response to an injury with the specific goal of healing your knee. 
However, if you exercise regularly, you are moving your body in order to maintain health and optimize your functioning in everyday life. You've made exercise a part of your lifestyle and it's a preventative measure you employ to invest in your long-term health.
Many people think of chiropractic care for when they have pain or injuries. They categorize it in the same group as the knee rehab described above. However, wellness care is akin to regular exercise.
Wellness care is regular chiropractic care (as infrequently as once every two months or as frequently as once every week, depending on your situation) that you receive when you don't have any specific pain but are seeking to prevent problems in the future.  

It's that simple! Include chiropractic care in your self-care habits and reap benefits for your joints, ligaments, nervous system, and overall health.

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