Friday, May 29, 2015

A Simple Guide to Getting Started With Essential Oils

Essential oils are a recent health trend and many people are interested in incorporating them in their daily routines. 

However, It can be hard to know where to start. There are many oils available and almost endless uses and applications for oils. They're expensive and many of them are marketed in a way that encourages you to spend a lot of money up front.

We sell DoTerra essential oils at Chudy Chiropractic Clinic and our goal in doing so is to benefit you and help you improve your health. If buying oils from us is convenient for you, please do so! Our online shop is here and you can pick up the oils you purchase at our clinic. However, oils are also available at health food/natural health stores and from private online retailers. Choose the option that works for you.

Be sure to check the quality of the product you're purchasing and buy from a reputable source (here's an article on identifying real, high-quality oils). 

These are five simple ways use essential oils. Get started here and as your confidence and experience grows, you can explore the many oil ideas and options available on the internet, in books, and from knowledgeable health professionals. 

1. Diffuse peppermint and/or lavender oil in your bedroom at night to promote great sleep. 

Diffusers are available online and at houseware stores - you can find a decent one for under $30. They're easy to use and a great way to add the benefits of essential oils to your home atmosphere.

2. Mix a drop of tea tree oil into your shampoo to discourage dandruff or other scalp irritations.

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties and is an effective natural dandruff treatment.

3. Use a drop of lemon oil in homemade lemonade.

Generally, ingesting essential oils is a bad idea. However, adding a drop or two of lemon oil to a pitcher of homemade lemonade is a safe way to amp up the lemon flavor naturally.

4. Create a warm chest compress to help flu symptoms.

Combine 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil with 2 cups hot water. Soak a cloth in this mixture, wring out thoroughly, and apply to your chest for congestion relief.

5. Diffuse ginger oil when you or your family members are fighting stomach flu or nausea. 

Ginger helps with digestion and nausea - try diffusing ginger oil in the room of a person with stomach flu to help them recover more quickly and feel better in the meantime. 

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