Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Free Online Yoga Videos

This  great article from the American Chiropractic Association explains the complementary benefits of chiropractic and yoga perfectly: 
Chiropractic aims to enhance neurological function by improving the functional relationships of the spine and related structures. Once functional relationships (subluxations) are improved, yoga helps to strengthen the supporting muscles through a series of poses (called “asanas”), designed to improve posture and strength. 
 If you're interested in yoga but unsure of where to start - or feel unable to afford expensive studio classes - here are a few wonderful free online sources for yoga videos:

This website features 100+ excellent free yoga videos for all levels and styles. 
Even though this is a paid yoga video subscription website, they offer a selection of free videos. These free videos are also available as podcasts through the Apple Podcast app so you can practice with your smartphone. 
Adriene hosts a 30-day yoga challenge that is a great way for beginners to form a yoga habit. Her videos are short, professional, and accessible. 
Ekhart Yoga TV offers a small selection of quality free yoga videos, some of which are issue-specific (i.e. for dealing with depression or TMJ).

Also, try searching "community yoga classes" or "affordable yoga classes" in your area. Some studios offer $3-$5 classes for their budget-conscious students. In addition, many studios also have lower rates for your first month or first class if you're trying yoga for the first time.  Lastly, check out sites like Groupon and Living Social for significantly discounted yoga classes in your city. 

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